Being Conscious is the KEY!

We all tend to roll through our lives thinking about what we have to do, making endless lists in our mind or on paper about what we feel we need to accomplish in the next hour, day, month, year. Or, conversely, we tend to ruminate on what we failed to accomplish, or our regrets about what we didn’t get done or the wrong choices we feel we made. Even worse, we fall into worry and fear about what ifs that may never ever come to pass. These very common human traits totally take us out of the precious moment of the now. This creates a state of being of living in the past, because even our fears are based on past experiences or lack thereof. Living like this, actually creates a future based on the past, and thereby recreating a life that we desperately want to change, but cannot.

When we become present in the immediate moment is when we become conscious. When we embrace the unknown, in the present moment, we are then finally able to create a life based on what we truly want as opposed to a life and future based on our past. If we are focusing on the past or fear based on the past, then we certainly cannot create a different future. All energy follows thought, and so if we are focusing on the past and or fears based in the past, then we are amplifying with our focus and energy a predictable and unchangeable life.

Focusing, instead on experiencing the present moment from a heart centered perspective, with emotions of joy and gratitude, we begin to amplify energetically what we are grateful for, and since all energy follows thought we begin to manifest more to be grateful for in every single moment.

In addition, when we take the time to go inwards with our thoughts and and focus our energy very presently on what we would like to manifest surrounded by emotions of gratitude and joy, eventually the physiology of the brain does not know the difference between what is going on in our outer world and our inner world. That is when real transformation takes place, you begin to attract and live the life of your “dreams”.

“Be the change you want to see in the World.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

When we as individuals raise our vibrations aka primary emotions out of fear and worry, into joy and gratitude and begin attracting everything we want, our energy begins by osmosis to effect others we come in contact with, thereby changing their consciousness and energy as well. We become the light in the room!

Controlling our thoughts consciously is a powerful tool not only to literally manifest in every present moment, but to also change the planet which is the best thing we can do for humankind and Mother Earth~! It starts at home! Being conscious is the key~!