We know who we are. We know why we came to Mother Earth during this auspicious and crucial time. We Chose this! We have incarnated on beloved Planet Earth to help raise the vibration of its inhabitants. Let’s join together as a group to collectively help each other create a grid of light for this purpose.

Are you ready to connect with others on a similar mission? It’s Time to connect to other Lightworkers so that we can create a light grid around the planet and with the expansion of light that is created, help Awaken others to the true nature of their divine mission. We are not alone. Now is the time to connect to the grid of Light!

Welcome to Lightworker Connection!
Lightworker Connection is a free service created by founder Gillian Caine, a renowned psychic medium and spiritual teacher. Gillian has been a professional psychic medium for decades and her mission is to educate the people of Gaia about the spiritual practices that will raise their vibration and in turn raise the vibration of our beloved planet in this auspicious time.

However, Gillian realized when she started having a recurring vision of lights connecting around the planet, that it was very important to create a free network for the lightworkers that have incarnated from many different backgrounds to connect and create a protective high vibration grid around the planet. This grid will help raise us all out of the darkness that is trying to keep humanity from our divine right of ascension.
Here we will commune with each other through our forums and blogs. We will collectively create a positive and uplifting message for the others that are just beginning to awaken, and also enhance our knowledge and connections to our lightworker brothers and sisters.
The time is now! Join us in creating this amazing grid of light!

Join our Network of Lightworkers!