We have finally fully entered the Age of Aquarius! The result is that all of the inhabitants of the planet are feeling the effects of this higher vibration.

As many of the outer planets of our solar system have moved into and through the sign of Aquarius, and as others continue to do so, we have begun to experience wave after wave of energy that is taking our planet from the confines of a 3rd dimensional reality, into a 5th dimensional reality. This means that as humans inhabiting our Mother Earth during this auspicious time, we will spend more time in the astral realms, and less time in the physical realms. Remember, we are all spiritual beings with a beautiful soul, and have come here to bear witness to this auspicious transformation.

The further along we get in our ascension, the less we will be bound by the physical confines of a 3rd dimensional existence. The more we will be able to manifest the lives that we are meant to live as our higher dimensional selves.

Some inhabitants are actually unaware of this massive transformation, and have chosen to stay bound to the lower vibrational emotions like fear, and hate that will literally keep one tethered to the physical realm. That is why it is so important to make a conscious effort to be in joy and gratitude, even in the face of perceived challenges. We all chose to be here at this auspicious time, and the more we are grateful for the lessons and growth that we are experiencing while here, the more we will be able to not only manifest with great ease, but the more we will help raise the vibration of others that are not as aware, and this also includes raising the vibration of the planet as a whole.

We have literally been imprisoned in a very dense and difficult existence here for eons, and now we are poised to be released from this prison of an existence, and free to be our higher selves, while also being able to experience the joy and beauty of our physical realm. This 5th dimensional reality that we are fully coming into, has been described as the realm of the Gods. Welcome to the ascension! New Earth Awaits!