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Psychic Gillian

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LA Psychic

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LA's Premier Psychic Medium!



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5760 Lindero Canyon Rd. #1074


Westlake Village







Gillian is LA’s Premier Psychic Medium! Gillian is based in Los Angeles but has a worldwide clientele. Gillian’s clients are consistently amazed by her gifts of clarity and intuition. Gillian’s goal is to be of service to her local and  international community. Gillian’s primary concern, is to give her clients clear insight, while helping them become the best versions of themselves.

Gillian is a clairvoyant and clairaudient, a medium and an empath. She has been blessed with these gifts since childhood, which has allowed her to hone her skills over decades.

“I frequently “see” my client’s Guides and Angels. Many times loved ones who have left the physical world come through with profound messages of hope and healing. I can also “see” relationship dynamics and other people’s intentions within a relationship whether in love or business. Messages from Spirit help me give you clarity. Your Guides and Angels are present to help you stay on your path towards enlightenment and joy. It is your free will that will allow you to decide which path to take in order to manifest your best future.”


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